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Education & Skill Development

Maldives Correctional Service conducts various educational and skill development courses for prisoners as part of their rehabilitation programmes. Some of these courses are carried out in association with relevant institutions.

The courses lead to qualifications that are recognised by employers outside prison, eg: GCE O’ Level, accredited by Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA). A prisoner can also learn skills eg woodwork, engineering or farming and so forth. Some courses available include:

  • Basic and advanced Quran classes (levels of Qirat courses, Hifz classes etc)
  • For O’ Level and SSC (Basic Islam, Dhivehi, English and Mathematics classes etc)
  • Computer Application Courses
  • Basic Agriculture Course
  • House Wiring and Electrician Course
  • Welding courses
  • Pastry and Cookery Course
  • Sewing Courses

Wood Carving and Handicraft courses